Installation Guide


The primary dependencies of tropycal are as follows:

  • matplotlib >= 2.2.2

  • numpy >= 1.14.3

  • scipy >= 1.1.0

  • pandas >= 1.3.0

  • xarray >= 0.10.7

  • networkx >= 2.0.0

  • pyshp >= 2.1

To fully leverage tropycal’s plotting capabilities, it is strongly recommended to have cartopy >= 0.17.0 installed.


From Conda

As of v0.3, Tropycal can be installed via conda:

conda install -c conda-forge tropycal

From Pip

As with before, Tropycal can also be installed via pip:

pip install tropycal

From Source

Tropycal can also be installed via cloning it from github. Running the following commands will build and install tropycal into your python installation:

git clone
cd tropycal
python install