Tropycal is a Python package intended to simplify the process of retrieving and analyzing tropical cyclone data, both for past storms and in real time, and is geared towards the research and operational meteorology sectors.

Tropycal can read in HURDAT2 and IBTrACS reanalysis data and operational National Hurricane Center (NHC) Best Track data and conform them to the same format, which can be used to perform climatological, seasonal and individual storm analyses. For each individual storm, operational NHC forecasts, aircraft reconnaissance data, and any associated tornado activity can be retrieved and plotted.

Tropycal is supported for Python >= 3.6. For examples on how to use Tropycal in a Python script, please refer to the Examples page. Additional information about the data sources used and their caveats is available in the Data Sources page.


This version is the first major release of Tropycal. As such, some updates are not backwards compatible. Please refer to the API Reference for the latest documentation for all functions.

Latest Version

The latest version of Tropycal as of 17 June 2024 is v1.3. This documentation is valid for the latest version of Tropycal.

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